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    Machunka D&R s.r.o.

    domestic and international transport of goods


    WELCOME ! let me introduce Machunka D&R s.r.o.

    We are a flexible, dynamically developing company focused on complexity, quality of services and meeting customer needs. 33 years on the market is a sign that we offer professional services. Our company model also works thanks to the right investments in technical equipment and modernization, as well as the constant maintenance and expansion of the expertise of the company's employees.

    I believe that you will find the necessary information about the company and our services on our website. Of course, do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions. We would like to welcome any fair business cooperation, whether one-off or long-term. We are pleased with your interest.


    Owner & CEO


    domestic and international
    truck transport

    Machunka D&R s.r.o.

    Company Machunka D&R Ltd works in European market since 1991, originally focused on international and domestic goods transport as trade. Our company mainly provides transport services by own vehicles and by contract carriers.


    33 years of experience, progress, reliability

    We own certificate of quality ISO 9001: 2015

    transport services

    We provide comprehensive services in the field of freight transport. We realize full truck and partial shipments (part load) from 0.1 kg up to 25 tons, as well as express transport of shipments. An experienced team of freight forwarders, chauffeur and technicians is available.

    Domestic goods transport

    goods transport

    International goods transport

    goods transport

    Whole load and part load

    Whole load
    and part load

    Express goods transport

    goods transport

    forwarding activity



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    fulfilled contracts

    Team Machunka D&R s.r.o.

    big family

    Our company, these are first and foremost people. At present, our "big family" has more than 50 employees. We consider it important that there is well-being and good relations between us, which greatly contributes to the smooth running of the company. Teambuildings, corporate events and various social support have a firm place with us.

    Kamiónová doprava Machunka D&R s.r.o.
    Kamiónová doprava Machunka D&R s.r.o.
    Kamiónová doprava Machunka D&R s.r.o.
    Kamiónová doprava Machunka D&R s.r.o.
    Kamiónová doprava Machunka D&R s.r.o.
    Kamiónová doprava Machunka D&R s.r.o.
    Kamiónová doprava Machunka D&R s.r.o.
    Kamiónová doprava Machunka D&R s.r.o.
    Kamiónová doprava Machunka D&R s.r.o.
    Kamiónová doprava Machunka D&R s.r.o.
    we support

    we support

    We consider it natural and right to support others as much as possible. Whether it's help for those who need it or for those who are engaged in beneficial activities. We currently support the following sports clubs:

    Ján Miloň
    Ján Miloň McLeren
    Ján Miloň Jantar Team

    Futbalový klub AS Trenčín
    Machunka D&R s.r.o.

    Machunka D&R s.r.o.

    Invoicing address
    registered office of the company

    Ružinovská 40

    821 03 Bratislava

    city ​​District Ružinov

    Slovak republic

    Correspondence address
    operation of the company

    Brnianska 1719

    911 05 Trenčín

    Slovak republic

    +421 0903 212 352


    IČO: 47 245 786

    identification number

    IČ DPH: SK2023690581

    identification number for VAT

    Company registered in register of companies in country court in Trenčin, liner number: 28231/R. Supervisory body: Inspectorate SOI (Slovak business inspectorate) in Prievidza – Trenčin district, Address: Sladkovičova 11, 971 01 Prievidza

    - Statement of register of companies

    - ISO certificate

    - Register of carriers and eligible persons in CD


    +421 0903 212 352




    +421 32 6520830

    Lubomír Igaz
    +421 902 920 481 | en

    Branislav Mistrík
    +421 902 920 486 | de

    Ján Vácval
    +421 902 920 496 | en

    Nadežda Ondrejková
    +421 904 308 523 | de

    RAAL: 1P9

    TIMOCOM: 236 290

    Company headquarters - Truck transport Machunka D&R s.r.o.

    where to find us